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Club Control Systems’ mission is to always be able to answer our clients’ question, “Can Club Control do…?” with “YES, yes it can”.  We can help you become more efficient, stay in compliance, reduce costs, go paperless and provide better service to your patrons by freeing up staff and management so that they can interact with the customer.  We can help your back office/payroll staff be more efficient, speed up each and every check-out period and promote and sell your club’s services.  Our answer is, “Yes it can”… at the touch of a button.

The CCS team has spent the past three years building and developing the technology, people, hardware and services to enable us to answer that question in the affirmative.

CCS’s proprietary platform was developed to literally put ALL operational functions in one real-time, integrated, scalable and customizable system.  Our company tag line reflects our main goal that we help our customers to achieve… “Real-Time Control”.

CCS will continue to find solutions to club owners/operators problems as they present them to us.  Our platform and foundation are built so that when we are presented with problems, we’ll be able to solve and integrate them into our single CCS platform.

Our Story

For over 20 years with his ATM business, our founder, Warren Cato has been developing relationships with most of the finest owner/operators of the adult nightclub industry.  Most are ATM clients.  Some are not.  He has earned the trust and respect of the industry leaders through his commitment to serving the industry.

His relationships reach far beyond the owner/operators of the industry.  While developing long term relationships and friendships with management of the clubs, he has earned the trust and respect from the front line teams of the owners and operators.  Answering the phone 24/7 for more than 20 years will allow you to get to know the day-to-day issues of clubs.

As an active financial supporter and participant of ACE since 1999, Warren has had the privilege and opportunity to listen to its members address a multitude of industry issues needing resolution.  Not one to sit around, as club owners/operators reached out to Warren for solutions to some of the issues from the meetings, he began to ask “If all clubs basically do the same functions, why isn’t there a single solution for these issues for all clubs?”

The answer: Put a team of the sharpest technical and service minds together who have the ability to think “outside the box”.  They would develop a single platform known today as VIP Valet by Club Control Systems.  Some of its advantages include…

  • Integration – All operational functions are integrated and connect real-time with each other with the ability to “plug in” any new or third party technology as it comes along.
  • Scalable – The system is scalable and adaptable for the smallest club up to the largest, offering the same technology and benefits to each size club.
  • Customizable – The system provides each owner/operator the ability to “make the system theirs”, based on preferences, state laws, existing operation format of the club, to simply wanting to change the color of a button on the Point Of Control (POS).

The Club Control Systems team is the strength behind its services, systems and products.  No IT development in India.  CCS has the brightest minds with PhD’s in computer science to over 25 years’ experience developing enterprise systems with Lucent and IBM.  More importantly, we are committed to each other, to our customers and in it for the long haul.

CCS is a SERVICE company more than a technology company.  There is no shrink-wrapped solution for solving clubs’ needs, wants and desires.  We consult with our clients and listen to their needs.  Then and only then do we begin the implementation of the CCS system to the specs of each of their individual locations.  Contact us to see what our team can do for you.

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