Along with our groundbreaking VIP Valet software comes our state-of-the-art hardware solutions.  Like our software, our hardware solutions can be configured and customized to the specific needs of your club.  One (screen) size does not fit all.  Based on the size of your club and your requirements, we will develop an effective layout of all hardware components.  Our components include…

  • POS (what we call POC, Point-Of-Control) terminals
  • Futuristic, free-standing or wall-mounted kiosks
  • Rugged hand-held laser barcode scanners
  • Wearable blue-tooth laser barcode scanners
  • Variable-sized Android tablets
  • Tiny, yet powerful Raspberry Pi computers
  • Driver’s license scanners
  • Accessories and so much more

If the POC is the brain of Club Control Systems, then the heart would be the kiosk.  Because of our pioneering software architecture, if you don’t have space for a kiosk, our POC system can also have all the functionality of the kiosk.  With our flexibility, if you can think of it, we can do it.

For example, with the kiosk, club guests could gain access to the VIP room, buy club cash, etc.  It’s a convenient, self-service kiosk that will enhance your patrons’ experience and boost your sales while freeing up your employees to do more important tasks.  You can do all kinds of wonderful things with it, such as feature photos of the girls who are on the floor that night, advertise upcoming events and promotions, etc.  We can install hardware in the VIP rooms too, including tracking tablets for each room.  Let’s say a club guest is in a VIP room and the tablet shows how much time he/she has left.  If they want to stay longer, the dancer simply hits a button that automatically lets the DJ or floor manager know that she’s staying for another “unit”.  And all activities are recorded in the system.

We’re even working on a website that will offer loyalty points where guests can purchase dances or club cash ahead of time… and it’s completely discreet.  So if you’re looking for an enterprise-wide, completely integrated hardware/software solution set for managing your club and dramatically increasing your bottom line, call or send us an e-mail.  We’ll show you how our technology will work for you.