Club Control Systems’ VIP Valet transforms the way clubs operate by integrating all of the operational systems into one real-time system, designed specifically and exclusively for the adult nightclub industry.  For decades, adult club owners have been at the mercy of a patchwork of technologies that were not specific to their industry.  Unable to integrate these different systems together, no ONE system could control everything… that is, until now.

Thanks to years of detailed input from club owners including large chains and small venues alike, Club Control Systems promises to revolutionize the way clubs operate by integrating all those important systems into ONE… designed specifically and exclusively for the adult nightclub industry.  Imagine the cost and operational benefits of having one completely integrated system that does it all…

  • Robust POS (what we call Point-Of-Control) that’s completely integrated and easily customizable
  • Integrated CRM system
  • Management alerts system
  • Kiosks used to automate and streamline the purchase of club cash and VIP access
  • Real-time dance tracking
  • Fully automated dancer check-in/check-out
  • VISA employee payroll cards/tip-out cards, club cash, taxicab commission tracking
  • HR, Workman’s Comp and Compliance services
  • Reporting inclusive of all operations, including tax reporting
  • So much more!

For the most part, these systems are controlled by either a freestanding (or wall-mounted) kiosk, Point-Of-Control terminals, tablets or all the above hardware.  And unlike most of these systems in clubs today, everything we do is configurable and customizable to your specific needs.  Because of our advanced architecture, not only can we use configurable templates, but we can also completely customize solutions that will fit the unique requirements of your club… much easier and faster than you’ve ever imagined.  And there’s no sticker shock.

VIP Valet is full of benefits.  Here are just a few…

  • Increase your bottom line substantially from operational efficiencies and improved decision making… due to almost unlimited data at your fingertips
  • Completely integrated, scalable and customizable solutions for small and large clubs
  • No upfront capital expenditure costs
  • Single platform strategy ties together all operations to provide a complete information system resulting in more effective management decisions
  • Reduced cash on hand and improved cash handling. (Make payments via ACH and VISA tip-out cards to employees, taxis and 3rd party vendors)
  • Increase staff interaction with club guests
  • Security is high priority. All of our operations are secure link and data is protected by Amazon Web Services’ data center and network architecture
  • Any workstation can be switched to act as any other device in the club
  • Our system is sold as a service… so no worries about upgrading hardware and software

Every service and/or product provided by Club Control Systems can be purchased a la carte and new services can be added or removed at any time.  So we fit both your needs and your budget.  Maybe all you need is an integrated POS and some dance tracking tablets.  Or maybe you also need us to come in and evaluate your human resources needs and give you a price on that.  In any case, you can add services any time you want as you grow.

With a system that allows you to control all operations of a club, reliability is extremely important.  A major concern with any club owner is what happens if their internet connection goes down and takes our system along with it?  Relax.  Even though our system is cloud-based, we also have a local server-based technology built-in that would take over instantaneously when the unthinkable happens and then will automatically reconnect to the cloud when your internet connection comes back up.  So no problems ringing up transactions, charging credit cards and managing your club.  You’re completely covered.

After years of detailed input and requests by club owners, Club Control Systems was designed specifically to solve their requests and problems.  Say goodbye to the days of having to settle for a product or service that was designed for another industry.  If you’re looking for the perfect, completely integrated club management system – one that will track and record everything you want it to and be fully customizable – you’ve found it in Club Control Systems.  Give us a call or send us an e-mail.  We’ll show you how our technology will work for you.